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Are you thinking of getting window graphics for your business

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Here’s everything you need to know.


As a business owner, the success of your business will not happen by just building and operating the business itself. It can happen slowly when the method of advertising comes in.

The main goal of advertising is to persuade customers to use a certain service or purchase a certain product. Not only must a large target audience be attained, but they must also be converted into paying customers.


Some people may perceive advertising as one of the backbones of every business. With this, a lot of marketing strategies have come to light. And one of it is the use of graphic design to windows, floors, vehicles, and more. But first, we would like to brief you what advertising is about. 


There are two main types of advertising; traditional and digital advertising. Let’s find out their differences. 

What is the difference between traditional advertising and digital advertising?

The medium through which a target audience is exposed to a marketing message is the key distinction between digital and traditional advertising. Digital advertising utilizes digital media, such as social media or websites, as opposed to traditional advertising, which uses traditional media, such as magazines and newspapers.


To simplify, traditional media or advertising includes newspapers, magazines, billboards, radio, broadcast TV, and direct email. It consists of media that was present before the internet was invented. On the other hand, digital media are the use of online advertisements, search results, social media, video streaming services, and websites.


Moving on, this article discusses one of the methods under traditional advertising: the use of window graphics for your business. This is an ultimate guide before getting one for your business. So, if you are a business owner or just want to know everything about window graphics, just keep on reading! 

What is window graphics?

Signage in the windows is one of the best ways to advertise a business. This guide is for whether a new business is seeking advice on how to use them or an established firm in need of some fresh ideas. We discuss what window decals are and what benefits they can provide for businesses. So come along as we investigate the most effective techniques to make the most of customized window decals.


Window graphics or window signs are a flexible and economical advertising solution that companies of all sizes can use to boost sales and brand exposure.


Passing by almost every business will reveal numerous windows of various sizes and locations. You’ll see advertisements on a few of those windows. Cigarette costs, grocery store promotions, holiday sales at an electronics retailer, or even just the company name.


Business owners have the option to give their windows greater functionality by adding decals and stickers. And the results? It gives more attraction to the business, and we all know that more traction can mean more potential buyers giving increase in the business’s sales. 


Although the advertising landscape is ever-evolving, traditional advertising methods like window graphics will never lose their effectiveness, especially in locations with high foot and/or drive-by traffic. The people who are most likely to do business with you are reached by window graphics in your neighborhood.


Here at SignWrapz, we make sure that every ordinary glass window turns into extraordinary displays. And if you are already thinking about getting one for your business, you can start by familiarizing yourself with the different types of window signages that can help with growing your business traction.

What are the different types of window signage?

There are four primary types of window signages that business owners can choose from when they have already decided to get one for their business. These are frosted Glass Window Film, Static Cling Stickers, Vinyl Window Decals, and Perforated Vinyl Window Film. Below is the definition of each and its difference with each other. 

  1. Frosted Glass Window Film

A vinyl decal with a weak adhesive backing that resembles etched glass is called frosted glass window film. It usually has a semi-transparent appearance that allows light to pass through while still obstructing vision for privacy.


Where can I use Frosted Glass Window Film?

Frosted window film may create the same effect for less money than buying pricey and durable etched glass. The frosted glass appearance is excellent for adding some privacy while keeping the natural light flowing. This appearance is popular among gyms because it prevents customers from feeling as though onlookers are watching them. It’s also a fantastic feature for conference rooms with glass walls.

How long does Frosted Glass Window Film last?

Frosted glass film can survive for up to three years when used indoors and out of direct sunlight. In the meanwhile, it can be maintained by routinely dusting and softly cleaning, just like any other glass surface.

  1. Static Cling Stickers

Thin plastic sheets known as static cling stickers can be applied to glass surfaces without the need of adhesive. The graphic can be either opaque or semi-transparent and is commonly printed upon a translucent rectangle. It is quite simple to remove and reapply static cling.

Where can I use Static Cling Stickers?

For any business that experiences a lot of change, static cling stickers are advised because they are simple to remove and reapply. Perhaps your staff moves offices every few months, or perhaps your storefront rotates through several seasonal sales. With each update, static cling stickers can be repositioned and reused.

How long does Static Cling Stickers last?

Depending on care and usage, static cling stickers can last from one to three years. If used outdoors and in the sun, you should see some fading after about a year. You can use this sticker for up to three years if it is kept indoors and out of direct sunlight. We advise washing the sticker with mild soap and water and allowing it to dry completely in between applications. Its longevity will be increased as a result.

  1. Vinyl Window Decals

Vinyl window decals have a minimal adhesive backing and are full-color vinyl stickers. The majority of these window decals are opaque, but there are also translucent versions. Any shape, including lettering, may be created using these decals.

Where can I use Vinyl Window Decals?

Storefronts are where vinyl window decals are most frequently used since they can draw customers’ attention. Depending on how much surface area you need to cover, they can be far less expensive than traditional signage and are also easier to remove. These window decals are also wonderful for adding some privacy because they don’t have to completely cover the window to prevent people from looking in, but they do it in a way that prevents your entire store or office from being on show.

How long does Vinyl Window Decals last?

Under normal circumstances, vinyl window decals can last up to 6 years when laminated. However, it is still acceptable to choose not to laminate your storefront if you want to change the appearance of your storefront every few years.

  1. Perforated Vinyl Window Film

A full-color vinyl sticker with a low adhesive backing and tiny, properly spaced holes all over the design is known as perforated vinyl window film. Those within a building or vehicle can see through the glass completely thanks to the perforation, but those on the outside can only view the graphic.

Where can I use Perforated Vinyl Window Film?

Perforated vinyl window film is quite common for vehicles due to its special visibility characteristics. Perforated window film could be applied to every window surface of your car and you could still drive with an unhindered view. Plus, you won’t need to be concerned about lowering your car’s market value because window film is simpler to remove than a body wrap. The window film acts as a type of window tinting because it may do a lot to keep your building or car cool in addition to blocking people’s views inside.

How long does Perforated Vinyl Window Film last?

Vinyl window film with perforations will last approximately two years with lamination and under typical circumstances. It normally lasts about a year without laminating.


There you have it, the four main types of window signages. If you have chosen one that you think is the best fit for your business, you can inquire here at SignWrapz and we can give you a brief.

Why should I use window graphics for my business?

Windows offer a significant amount of design and advertising, particularly if a business is housed in a structure with floor to ceiling windows. Utilizing window signage effectively can enhance the space of a business’s atmosphere while also assisting in attracting customers. Window signs may dramatically increase workplace productivity, whether it’s by blocking glaring direct sunlight, providing some privacy, or simply bringing color to your area.

Consumer education about the benefits of a business’s goods or services and the values of its brand is aided by advertising. Ad campaigns can help establish a brand and create a deeper understanding of it. Getting window graphics from a reputable sign shop can help persuade potential consumers to go inside an establishment and be interested in a business’s products and services. 

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