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Here’s what you need to know about Yard Signs

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here are other options for business owners to promote their small businesses using the traditional marketing approach aside from window graphics and billboards. We cover another marketing strategy in this article that business owners like you can utilize to increase brand recognition and target audience appeal.


When an ordinary person decides to take a walk one afternoon in a very active town, they may see signs that are standing in front of stores and establishments.  These are what we commonly refer to as Yard signs.

What is a Yard Sign?

Yard signs often referred to as lawn signs, bandit signs, and placards, are small advertising signs that can be placed anywhere on a property, including a lawn that faces the street, to advertise the support of a political candidate or stance or sometimes to promote a business.

In both the US and Canada, political campaigns frequently feature them.


Yard signs are a well-known guerilla marketing tactic that has swept the marketing industry. They are here to stay, whether they are the garish signs that are nailed to telephone poles at every intersection or the gorgeous yard signs for businesses and real estate.


Yard/bandit signs are the ideal way to promote your business, whether you need to promote your upcoming promotional offer, investment opportunity, real estate, or foreclosure signs.

Can Yard Signs help my small business?

The answer is yes. These days, yard signs are used for more than just political advertising. Small and large businesses alike have included yard signage in their marketing strategies. This is due to the fact that yard signs are more cost-efficient and successful at raising brand recognition. And here at SignWrapz, we also offer Yard Signs for your small business.


The signs, which range in size from the common 24-inch by 36-inch to the bigger 4-foot by 4-foot and 4-foot by 8-foot signs, all have a big impact when advertising your company or property and get a lot of exposure.


What are the advantages of Yard Signs to my small business?

Lawn or yard signs offer numerous advantages and have to be included in every local marketing effort. In addition to being cheap to produce, they can assist you in directing your message toward a group of people who are most likely to make a purchase from you. Yard signs may instantly increase brand recognition and generate immediate interest in your company or organization. Below are some specific pros business owners can expect when they invest in yard sign advertising:

  1. Simple yet efficient advertising medium.

To benefit from yard sign advertising, you don’t need to be an expert in marketing. For your yard sign approach to be successful, you don’t need to be aware of the most recent marketing trends, local traffic statistics, or demographic studies. You are familiar with your neighborhood and your consumers. As a result, you will be the greatest judge of where your signage should be placed.

  1. Affordable.

Yard signs are among the most affordable ways to market your local business when compared to just about any other type of promotion. A billboard on a busy street may run you about a thousand dollars a month. You could have to spend about $2,500 to deliver a targeted direct mail campaign to 3,000 households. You could spend far over $10,000 on a decent TV ad (including production). You can get a yard sign for a low cost because it is made of cheap materials. Here are the most recent rates for yard signs.

  1. Effective.

According to research, 85% of your clients are located within 5 miles of your establishment. This implies that the people who are most likely to conduct business with you will notice your local signs. Additionally, because they are simple to set up, you can place them in high-traffic areas and change them frequently, providing you with chances to market to new audiences.

  1. Environmental friendly.

Picking up your yard signs when they’re no longer required is a vital part of being a responsible member of your community. You have a few alternatives for disposing of your yard signs in an environmentally friendly manner after you have collected them all. You can recycle your yard signs because they are constructed of corrugated polypropylene plastic. Additionally, other organizations place a high value on large plastic signs. Think about giving your yard signs to a nearby business so they can be used again.

  1. Flexible

You may relocate your yard signs frequently to take advantage of various high-traffic sites because yard signs are portable and simple to set up. Yard signs are very inexpensive, so you can easily update or change your messaging and test out new promotions.

Are there disadvantages of Yard Signs to my small business?

While there are several advantages to using yard signs as one of the marketing strategies for your business, there are also disadvantages that business owners should take cautious of. Below are two certain cons of having yard signs for businesses:

  1. Schemes.

Your company may be used by others in their fraudulent schemes. There are yard signs that list every aspect of a company or group. Additionally, because it is visible to the general public, people who are in need of money can also see it in addition to possible buyers. This gives con artists the ability to phish clients using information about you or your company. 

  1. Attention.

There will be days when clients ask simply to be disrespectful to your staff, and some may play practical jokes on them. Of course, these are unavoidable. So, make sure your staff is well-mannered and well-trained for such circumstances.


However, both of the drawbacks we mentioned above can be avoided at SignWrapz, where we consider designs that are the best match for your company without risking your company’s privacy.

What is the importance of Yard Signs to small businesses?

Yard signs are incredibly adaptable. They support a number of causes and, when utilized properly, may be very potent. To promote any event or cause is the short response to that question.


Yard signs can be used to endorse a notion or advertise a politician, as we have already indicated. There were a lot of yard signs in favor of each candidate during this past election season, which created history for a variety of reasons.


Real estate is one of the most common industries to use yard signage. The yard signs in the front yards of the homes advertise their availability to onlookers, but it is feasible to look for open houses nearby online through a variety of websites. Additionally, they promote the involvement of the real estate agent through advertising.


For major openings, yard signs are also used. When a company first starts up, they want to get the word out and create interest. These signs most usually include arrows pointing in the right direction and the opening date.


Yard signs are beyond businesses and politics too. This pandemic has resulted in a variety of novel lifestyles. All of our lives have changed in some way, whether it is through social isolation or the wearing of masks. Additionally, it has altered how we honor our loved ones. Today, birthdays and graduations are commemorated with yard signage. They provide a joyful surprise and can be customized to enhance their day and achievements.


Yard signs have a variety of applications. Simply the most obvious and well-known ones were included. We can discuss more the variety of investing in Yard Signs by knowing its different types and designs here at SignWrapz.

Finally, what are the best practices for yard sign design?

When yard signs are ineffective as a marketing tool, it’s typically because they include too much information or because the design is difficult to read due to clutter or busyness. Below are three of the many suggestions we have:

  1. Simplicity. 

It’s crucial to have a simple sign design when employing a yard sign that is either a conventional size or a unique shape. There is only so much room you can use, so you want to make sure the design is straightforward and that any text or graphics are clear to see. In order to make the words and graphics on the sign simple to read, “white space,” a crucial design phrase, refers to keeping empty space surrounding them. Words that are too close together or images that overlap each other might create clutter and make it difficult for people to read.

  1. The contrast in colors.

Using colors that are too near to one another on the color wheel in a yard sign design is one of the most frequent blunders made. Red and blue or purple and black are two instances of unfavorable color pairings. It can be challenging to interpret them up close or even from a distance because they frequently blend together. Any color on a white background is guaranteed to be noticed, but for easier readability, you could also put any dark color lettering on a light color sign or vice versa.

  1. Catchy and short.

When trying to grab the attention of your audience, keeping your messaging concise is crucial. The reading time of people who pass a yard sign while walking, running, or driving is limited. Try to keep the message on your yard sign something that both catches the viewer’s eye and can be read and understood in a short amount of time.

These are just a few ideas for a successful yard sign. If you wish to know more about Yard Signs, you can visit our website at https://signwrapz.com

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