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How to maintain your newly-wrapped car

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Using car wraps for branding and advertising is much bigger than you may imagine. Over 50,000 people can watch a single wrapped vehicle in a single day! a relatively affordable method of displaying your message.


A car wrap is the best technique to increase brand visibility if your vehicles are traveling to customers’ homes or parking outside in their neighborhoods, which are full of more potential clients. The same holds true if your cars are parked at a client’s establishment. Alternatively, if your employee has a company car that they can use to travel anywhere, including to their homes. One of the contrasts between cars and the majority of larger vehicles, which primarily use roads and make stops at corporate parks, is this. Since cars are more commonly used for daily transportation, they frequently give you and your message access to urban areas that are off-limits to large vehicles. Car wraps promote awareness in many places than just the roadways!


With this, maintaining your cars that are wrapped should be your top priority. Especially with business owners since it contributes a lot to its advertising strategies that may convert to sales. So in this article, we discuss the aftercare for your vinyl-wrapped vehicles and how you can clean them in the right and proper way.

Why should I maintain my newly-wrapped car?

Just like everything else we bought, maintenance is always part of our ownership of the things we buy. When owning a car, the maintenance that comes after buying it is always the talk of the town: getting advice from professionals or just the people around you. Below are some of the suggestions we have that you can do when maintaining a clean and bubble-free wrapped car.

  1. Is washing enough to maintain a wrapped car?

Depending on how much dirt and pollution it has been exposed to, make sure to wash your car wrap once a week. For instance, wash your car at least twice a week if it is driven more frequently. To avoid ripping or scarring your vehicle wrap, you should always hand wash your automobile.


You should also use a gentle and non-abrasive detergent. Additionally, after gently cleaning your car, rinse it with clear water and use an automotive sponge or soft cloth.

  1. Should I park my vinyl-wrapped car indoors?

Similar to paint, vinyl wraps deteriorate and fade over time when exposed to sunshine. To prevent this, park your car whenever feasible in a garage or under cover.

  1. Is pressure washing safe for my vinyl-wrapped car?

We do not suggest using a pressure washer to clean your car since it tends to lift the borders of your vehicle wrap. As an alternative, use an automatic brushless car wash, which can be safer and gentler on your car’s wrap.


Your car wrap’s ultimate advertising goal may be compromised by the use of a brush car wash due to the possibility of detachment, scratching, and lifting.

Can I wash a car that has been wrapped?

Yes, of course. It’s just the same with a regular car that needs washing every now and then. The only thing that you should take in mind is how long you should wait to wash your car after you get it wrapped.

How long should I wait to wash my car after it’s wrapped?

You might need to wait for 1 to 2 weeks before washing the car if you live somewhere where the temperature rarely rises over 20 degrees Celsius. Or you will need to wait at least a few weeks if you had a wrap placed during the winter.

What are the products I should avoid when cleaning my wrapped car?

When planning for a cleaning session for your vehicle wrap, below are the different products with cleaning agents that you MUST avoid. 


  • Solvents

  • Orange Oil

  • Oven cleaner

  • Engine Degreaser

  • Oil-based cleaners

  • Kitchen and Bathroom Cleaners

What are the products I should use when cleaning my wrapped car?

If you wish to clean your wrapped car on your own, below is a list of cleaning supplies you can use altogether.


  • Mild car wash soap

  • Soft, non-abrasive washcloth or soft sponge

  • Two buckets of water

  • Squeegee for car wraps

  • Microfiber towel

  • Low-pressure water hose

Can I take my vinyl-wrapped car to the car wash?

Wrapped vehicles can be washed in a car wash, with the optimum choice being a touchless system. Brush car washes have the potential to dull, scrape, and lift the edges of the film on your vehicle’s graphic. Pressure washing a vehicle with a graphic wrap is another option.

What steps should I follow for spot cleaning?

Clean isolated stains with isopropyl rubbing alcohol. After washing, rinse the area with cool water. Tire dressing shouldn’t be used to spot clean because it could splash on the wrap and leave stains. Wiping the wrap while it’s hot might cause the cloth to warp and generate wrinkles.

How do I clean my wrapped car with bird droppings?

Bird droppings and tough stains should be cleaned right away. If you leave them on for too long, the wrap can get irreversibly damaged and become more difficult to remove. To remove the pollutants, soak the affected region in warm, soapy water for a few minutes. Completely rinse, then pat dry with a microfiber towel. Again, do not use solvents or oil-based cleaning products!

How do I clean my wrapped car with fuel spills?

Fuel spills should be cleaned up right away, followed by handwashing the area. The vinyl will deteriorate if the spill is left on the wrap for too long. At a petrol station, a fast wipe with a wet paper towel will sufficiently clean the fuel-damaged area until you can perform a more comprehensive job at home.


What should I do to remove brown or rust stains from my wrapped car?

Due to extended exposure to acid from airborne contaminants, the wrap turns brown. This frequently happens as a result of carelessness and disregard for the instructions given above. To avoid harming the paint underneath your wrap and to apply the new wrap, it is essential to remove the film from your car if you see any dark, faded, or rust-colored areas on it. Most of the time, all that is required is to replace the damaged panel.

How often should I clean my wrapped car?

As with any vehicle, it’s important to wash your wrapped automobile as soon as it seems dirty because any impurities that are left on the graphic for an extended period of time will likely be more challenging to remove.


Try soaking them in very hot, soapy water for a few minutes if the object is very challenging, such as bird droppings, bug spray, tree sap, or road tar. Denatured alcohol applied topically may also aid in liquifying and removing these resistant impurities. If they persist, specific cleaning agents would need to be used before a thorough car wash. Avoid using abrasive instruments or hard scrubbing techniques since they will harm the film. Make sure to immediately wash and rinse off any product stains after removing all particles.


The best way to clean a car wrap is by hand washing your car. If utilizing this technique, rinse off as much grime and grit as you can with a water spray before washing the car using a soft, clean cloth or sponge and a moist, non-abrasive detergent. Use a silicone spatula to quickly remove any excess water after properly rinsing with clean water to prevent water spots. Use a fresh microfiber towel to finish.

What are some quick tips I should know when maintaining my wrapped car?

There can be several reminders when maintaining a newly-wrapped car. Below are some of the most crucial things you should keep in mind:

  1. Be careful with pressure

We never recommend pressure washing for vinyl wrap cleaning. However, it can still be achieved as long as it’s under low-pressure cleaning.

  1. Be cautious of the heat

Most cars are parked without roofs. This is when car owners should be observant, especially if they live in a place that experiences a very hot summer. The warmer your vehicle is, the more likely the wrap of your car could be damaged during washing. Take note that when we remove vinyl wraps, we use heat. The best remedy for this is to avoid washing the vehicle in direct sunlight and try to use cold water with low-pressure wiping.

  1. Be curious and never hesitate

When you are having doubts, do not hesitate to contact us or your vinyl wrap installer. The ones who installed your wraps are experts in their care and maintenance. When in doubt, call them.


As we said, car wraps are a fantastic method to promote your company by putting your goods and services in front of your target market. However, many car owners install their vehicle wraps without realizing that they require adequate upkeep and care to last longer.


Your wrap needs routine washing and care just like the rest of your car in order to keep its brilliant color and avoid damage and bubbles.


A car that underwent vinyl wrapping is just the beginning. Here at SignWrapz, we are not only offering quality types of vinyl to your cars, but we also make sure that every client knows the proper way of maintaining their newly-wrapped vehicles. We can run you through the correct and step-by-step process of taking care of your wrapped vehicles.

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